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About Us

As a Global Solution Provider, the "One Stop Shop“ concept SD Unify enables our customers to enjoy several benefits through a range of services, tailored to meet specific needs, combined with cost-saving programmes.


 As a one-stop business solution provider, SD Unify can manufacture, source and supply all your electro-mechanical needs, including high quality customized and standard parts and assemblies. SD Unify expertise also lies in helping our customers eliminate inefficiencies in their supply chain so that they can channel resources to things that matter to their customers.


At SD Unify, total customer satisfaction is our business. We have positioned ourselves as the “One Source, All Solutions” provider in today’s sophisticated supply chain systems. Our comprehensive range of products and services, competitive pricing and stringent quality control processes are designed to provide our customers a maximum return on their investment at the lowest cost of ownership.


As SD Unify is practising just-in-time manufacturing, our reorder levels for certain inventory items are set, and new stock is ordered only when those levels are reached. There is no overstocking of parts or items, which saves on space in the warehouse. This manufacturing strategy can lead to improvements in quality and efficiency. 

Our Mission

Understand what customers needs and research 


Nerveless the time and effort put in to achieve excellent quality complying to customer expectation.

Implementation on time delivery to meet customers demand .


Follow up Closely to provide con-current engineering support and solutions to customer for the best solutions .


Yearly Value Analysis to be provided to customers in order to achieve 

  better cost reduction solution.

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